Revolution Cheerleading Academy hold regular tryouts to build our professional squad. We run FOUR branches currently at RCA, which include the following classes; "mini" cheerleaders for 3-4 years old's, Junior 1's - 5-7yrs, Junior 2's 8-10yrs, Seniors 11 years Plus.The Training Squad and Professional Squad are invite only or audition only.


Tryouts at RCA are for entrance into our Training squad and Professional Squad. These classes are an hour of intensive training classes with two coaches teaching the core skils and techniques for cheerleading. We encourage all pupils to aim to be a member of our Professional Squad and the Training squad is the stepping stone into this squad. RCA Training Squad entrance is through either tryout or invitation form an RCA Coach. Tryouts are open to 16 year olds plus. Some experience in dancing or cheerleading is reccomended but not compulsory.

The tryout process begins with booking your slot on our             or via our                      .Once you are booked in (please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your time slot, this enables us time to check you in and take your photo) you will be instructed when to enter the studio. You will then be taught a short routine by one of the RCA coaches, once all particpants are happy and content they have grasped the routine they will be required to perform the routine in groups until the judges are satisfied they have seen all candidates. You will then be contacted within 48 hours via e mail with your result. 



Successful candidates are required to start the RCA Training class or Professional squad (depending on what your email states) the week following your tryout. You have 3 months to purchase the required training uniform. Upon accepting your place in the training class you are required to fill in our                        in full and hand it to the receptionist before your first class.






Please wear black leggings and black vest top and trainers/dance shoes to tryouts. Please arrive with your hair up (unless stated by a coach). Make up is encouraged but not compulsory.


Tryouts held at The Lost Paradise Bar have no specific clothing requirement, please be sure you can dance in your attire.




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